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With 20 years of Culinary experience, Chef Scott Phillips’ career has run the gamut from shaping aspiring students teaching Culinary School to leading restaurants, hotels, and country clubs. Chef Scott’s love for food started at home, watching his grandmother create delicious craft meals for the family in the mountains of Southwest Virginia; From there, his palate developed through extensive international travel. Now Chef Scott brings his talents to Vecino, taking the food quality to new levels with his bright, flavorful and imaginative dishes. You will not be disappointed.


HOUSE PICKLE JAR Giardiniera, spicy dill cucumbers

HUMMUS black eyed pea hummus: sunflower seeds: chimichurri: olive-carrot relish: crostini

pupusas two stuffed, thick corn tortillas: curtido. Changes often.

Beer Cheese FUNDIDO roasted fingerlings, carrots: bread

roasted olives chilies: oranges: sunflowers seeds: herbs

CHEESE BOARD chef’s selection of cheeses: pickled apples: Aleppo honey: candied nuts: crostini

CHARCUTERIE BOARD chef’s selection of meats: giardiniera: aleppo honey: marinated olives: crostini

NACHOS corn tortilla chips: marinated black eyed peas: queso: pickled jalapenos & onions: sofrito – Option to add bbq beef or pulled pork

CAESAR SALAD house dressing: iceberg, romaine: torn, herb croutons: parmesan


Add Zapp’s Voodoo chips to any sandwich for an additional charge. Gluten-Free Bread Options Available.

GRILLED CHEESE house bread: cheddar-provolone: house pickles: mustard

SHROOM & cheese guajillo mushrooms: mayo: provolone: red onion:
sunny side up egg*: brioche

Butter chicken curry spiced, pulled chicken: cilantro pesto: cucumber sour cream: pickled onion: brioche

BEEF & MAC bbq beef: mac & cheese: slaw: ciabatta

CUBANO pulled pork: ham: swiss, pickled veggies: spicy mustard: Cuban roll


to keep things exciting, our chef creates features daily. please ask your bartender, & see our feature board.

**we do have a children’s menu**


Whites Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Vinho Verde, Reisling, Rosé

Reds Malbec, Pinot Noir, Ribshack Blend

Sparkling Prosecco


Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Sunkist, Capri Sun (flavor varies), Seltzer (flavor varies), Ginger Ale Weeping Radish Craft Root Beer, Milk