Our February partner is

The Marian Cheek

Jackson Center

Historically we have been honored to be able to financially support the work of many non-profit organizations in our community. As Covid-19 has changed the landscape of the food and beverage industry, so too has it impacted our ability to give in the same way.

This month we are working with The Marian Cheek Jackson Center on creative ways that we can help move their initiatives forward under these challenging circumstances. We hope you will help us.

About the Marian Jackson Cheek Center (from their website)

Vision of Beloved Community: 
We see a world of creative reconciliation, hard-won rights, and abiding love and respect of which we may be a means.
To honor, renew, and build community in the historic Northside and Pine Knolls neighborhoods of Chapel Hill, NC
To do justice by the legacies of vision, value, action, and example we hold in the Jackson Center Oral History Trust
To engage the power of civil rights history; the struggles and strengths of generations of long-term residents; the insights of all who work, live, play, serve, and worship in Northside neighborhoods; and partnership across multiple lines of difference to make community-driven change

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