Our January partner is

The Interfaith Council for Social Service

Historically we have been honored to be able to financially support the work of many non-profit organizations in our community. As Covid-19 has changed the landscape of the food and beverage industry, so too has it impacted our ability to give in the same way.

This month we are working with IFC on creative ways that we can help move their initiatives forward under these challenging circumstances. We hope you will help us.

About the IFC:


A community that meets everyone’s basic needs, including dignified and affordable housing, an abundance of healthy food, and meaningful social connection.


To confront the causes and respond to the effects of poverty in our community.


Mutual Respect
We all have equal value and are worthy of honor, dignity, and security. Respect for one another is both a right and a responsibility.

Social Justice
We advocate within political, economic, and social systems to promote justice as to the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges in society.

Community Power
Everyone benefits when those experiencing the problem lead us toward solutions.

People have a right to make choices about how to live their lives and work toward their goals.

We are authentic, ethical, and transparent.

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