Our October partner is Healing Pines Respite

“It is our goal to provide a Respite for women with cancer. Cancer treatments are depleting, exhausting, and life-changing. We allow women time and space to heal through rest, connection, self-care, and nature.

Women are often the caretakers of the family and a cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family. It can be difficult for women to allow themselves the time and self-care that is needed for healing. Our motto is that self-care is not selfish! Women often need reminders that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Women greatly benefit from time away from the realities of cancer, a break from family, work, and life obligations. Our respites provide a time for women with cancer to focus on their healing, a chance to care for themselves instead of others. It is our mission to spread the message that women need this.

Education and Medicine are two cornerstones of the Triangle North Carolina area, and it is time for healing to come to the forefront. Studies show that support and connection improve outcomes for women. We are a place that helps women on their personal healing journey through nature, time, and rest.”

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